Hi guys! Hahaha 👫😸 #CHM170P #Vsco (at Mapúa Institute of Technology)
20 Facts About Me:
1. My name’s Nik. Raymond Nikko Franz Paras.
2. I’m 19 and far too wise for my age. (Lol jk idk)
3. I love my family and thankful to have them, we all do.
4. I’ve only fell in love twice. Third time’s the charm so I’m saving it up. Hehe
5. I grew up in Quezon City so I laugh at people with unfamiliar accents. No offense hahaha.
6. I like carbonaras, especially my mom’s.
7. I like pizzas. Especially Pazzo Rolio’s.
8. I never settle for less, ‘cause I know I can aim for the best.
9. I hate people who tries to be cool and hangout with cool people. I’m not cool so I know how it feels.
10. I’m an only child, but I have two cousins whom I treat as my own bros.
11. I like singing and I’m not so good at it. Who said you have to be?
12. People who are different amaze me and I want to know them better. Why would anyone want to befriend someone who is dictated by society what to act and what to feel?
13. I’ve met people who I know I can keep for the rest of my life.
14. I’ve asked for shifting applications thrice already, but I never submit them. I’m studying BS ChE in Mapua, btw.
15. I basically hate everyone, even my closest friends. Idk, the more you hate, the more you love?
16. I had my first kiss and it was under the sheets. (Wag mo nalang pansinin ‘to, pls haha)
17. I’m a nice guy to people I don’t give a fuck about.
18. I miss my childhood best friends, you know who you are.
19. I’m not good at anything, but I’m trying to be good at something.
20. @ewikashae made me do this. So if you’ve been tagged, do me a favor and write something up? :))
 (at Sherwood Place Taft Avenue)
"Alam mo, parang ikaw yung 8 sa 8-ball. Kasi kahit gaano ka na kalapit sa puso ko, hindi mo naman magawang mahalin ako." #FlashbackFriday

Words of Emotion
"What’s happening in your life is a result of what’s happening in your mind."
Happy fxcking Monday!! Friendship’s not always smiles and shit, it’s all about knowing their dirty little secrets and putting up with it. :) 😊😊😊 (at Central Grill and Bar - Vito Cruz)
Happy 84th birthday to the most amazing and joyful lolo in the whole world!! 👦👴 I love you! 😊
With the best mom in the world 😊 Thank you for everything!! ❤️
I deserve birthday selfie 😝👦 #19th
PIChE-JCMIT Team Building! :) 👫👬 #Batch12 #FlashbackFriday (at Mapúa Institute of Technology)
Miss you both! 💙 #TBT


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